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Come and Learn English With Us

Cambridge ESOL English language exams are linked to the Common European Framework for Modern Languages, published by the Council of Europe. They are the only certificated exams referred to in the Framework document as specifically linked to it by a long-term research programme.

Young Learners English Exams We will support your children as they take one of the three available tests for young learners: Starters ,Movers  and Flyers. The tests aim to encourage meaningful language use, and measure ability accurately and fairly.

Key English Test (KET)   The Key English Test (KET) will check your ability to communicate at a good elementary level when dealing with everyday situations.

Preliminary English Test (PET)     The Preliminary English Test (PET) tests students at an intermediate level. Students have the opportunity to use their English to cope with social and work situations.

First Certificate in English (FCE)    This test allows students at an upper intermediate level to show their ability in reading, writing, speaking and listening. FCE is internationally recognised in business and by educational institutions in the UK and overseas as proof of language ability.

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) More advanced students who require English for professional or academic purposes will find CAE very useful. The objective of the exam is to equip students with the ability to communicate in English in daily life. The majority of UK universities now acknowledge that CAE fulfills English Language entrance requirements.

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