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Dubai Heights Academy

Fees at Dubai Heights Academy range from AED 44,200 in FS1 to 53,200 in Year 4. The school will offer a 10% founding discount on fees for the first two academic years, at AED 39,780 for FS1 to AED 47,880 for Year 4. 

Founding principal Andrew Prosser will lead the school. Prosser brings more than 16 years' experience in England and the Middle East to his new role. He was most recently principal of Safa Community School in Dubai. 

Commenting on the school, Prosser said: "An outstanding educational experience is the greatest gift that we can give our children who will be the leaders of future generations. As the world is rapidly changing we must ensure that all of our children go out into the globally competitive world with the skills, attributes and behaviours for twenty-first century living. We want our children to be excited about coming to school and to love learning. We will empower them to be motivated, tuned in, and challenged. 

"Most of all, we must teach children to understand that success is in each and every one of them as a result of their own effort and hard work. We believe that with determination, all our children will be delighted in their learning journey and proud of their many achievements."

SSAT Language Institute