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Ajyal International School - Al Falah

AJYAL American School Mission

We are here to deliver on Bin Omeir Educational Foundation’s vision of each and every one of our students achieving Significant Learning Outcomes. We seek to develop our students’ in depth academic knowledge and help them use and effectively communicate it at school, in everyday life and in their future careers. We enable them to work across cultural and social boundaries as they demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and high levels of self-awareness leading them to have a clear vision of what they want to be, and always keep in mind, and work towards, the highest of values.  We endeavour to help our students to actively pursue new interests, live life to the full, as lifelong learners, and become citizens of the world, proud of their national heritage. 

AJYAL American School Commits to

  • Offering students an education that is meaningful and relevant to their personal, academic, and social life using the  Significant Learning Model;

  • Providing active learning experiences, avoiding rote learning;

  • Using means of assessment that are educative in nature (assessment for learning), qualitative and quantitative, standardised, frequent,  performance–based (criterion and standards) and involving self-assessment;

  • Aligning our teaching and assessment activities to Significant Learning Outcomes by a process referred to as backward design;

  • Collecting wide-ranging performance data to continuously improve learning and teaching, curriculum provision, and institutional efficacy;

  • Using technology to enhance learning, and not just to facilitate teaching;

  • Providing continuous professional development to all our staff; and

  • Adhering to the highest standards of student physical safety, health and personal well-being.


 Our Significant Learning Outcomes curriculum model ensures students will be:


  • WELL-INFORMED AND WIDELY KNOWLEDGEABLE demonstrating understanding of core academic knowledge specific to the subject matter or program of study (Foundational Knowledge Learning Area*);


  • SKILLED USERS OF CONTENT KNOWLEDGE, i.e., critical and creative thinkers,  problem solvers, decision-makers, project managers, effective communicators as well as task performers employing all school subject areas (Application Learning Area*);


  • MULTI-FACETED THINKERS capable of comparing and contrasting concepts and identifying interactive influences within and across disciplines and perspectives, as well as between school learning and life

  • (Integration Learning Area*)


  • SELF-DIRECTING AND SELF-AUTHORING INDIVIDUALS who take responsibility for their own actions demonstrating an in-depth understanding of themselves  and having a clear vision of how they want to grow 


  • (Human Dimension-Self Learning Area*);


  • MULTI-CULTURALLY COMPETENT AND EFFECTIVE TEAM PLAYERS aware of the feelings of others and adept at inducing desirable pro-social responses from them, making them culturally-sensitive citizens with well-developed interpersonal and team skills (Human Dimension-Other Learning Area*);


  • THOUGHTFUL ABOUT AND WILLING TO EXAMINE THEIR VALUES of Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Respect of Environment and Social Justice and be an advocate for these values. (Caring-Values Learning Area*);


  • CONSTANTLY DEVELOPING NEW INTERESTS AND POSITIVE FEELINGS AND ATTITUDES towards school and non-school related situations, actively pursuing opportunities to engage in personal interests (Caring-Interests & Attitudes Learning Area*); and


  • SELF-DIRECTED LIFELONG LEARNERS aware of what they want and need to learn,  able to plan and execute formal and informal inquiry and research activities using historical as well as scientific methods (Learning how to Learn Learning Area*).

SSAT Language Institute