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Application From - SSAT Training Institute

Thank you for expressing an interest in attending one of our Professional Development Workshops. Please complete the following application form and send it to . Alternatively, you can submit it to our Education Centre in Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Sector 19, Plot 1.

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SSAT Company Profile

SSAT Middle East is an educational consultancy working with and for schools, school leaders and teachers across the Middle East and around the world with the aim to increase standards and achievement levels for students. Our clients are both the public and private sectors.

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SSAT Education

SSAT Middle East is an educational consultancy company working with schools across the Middle East, and around the world, to raise achievement for all students. Our resources are focused on working with schools to benefit their learners.

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SSAT School Operations

Once the school is operating, SSAT can assume responsibility for the entire management and operations of the school including human resources, educational and financial systems etc. SSAT reports to the School Board on a regular basis...

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SSAT Training Institute

Conceptions of how teachers change and develop have themselves been changing and developing over the past decade. The notion of teachers as passive recipients of in-service education and training has given way to teachers as active learners shaping their professional growth through thoughtfully engaging in professional development activities and practice.

SSAT Language Institute